What others say about working with Brenda

Sometimes it helps to hear how others have benefited from working with a coach before you jump into a new relationship.
Some of my clients have kindly agreed to explain what it was like to work with me and how coaching helped them.
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My coaching sessions with Brenda were like having a conversation with a very dear friend. She created a safe and comfortable space, she listened without judgment, and she asked the right questions with humour and compassion. By doing this she guided me towards a place where I felt the courage to deal with the nitty gritty of what was holding me back in my life rather than skirt around the real issues.

I now have a set of tools which I can use in all areas of my life to move through whatever obstacles and challenges present themselves. I feel like Brenda has given me the key to a door which has been locked and I’ve been banging my head against it for years. It is now stands wide open and the light is streaming in!

Kathleen, Yoga Teacher, New Zealand

When I started coaching with Brenda, I’d had chronic pain for a long time without realizing that it was considered chronic pain: migraines, back pain, carpal tunnel, food sensitivities. Working with her, I realized the mind body connection between these symptoms and my emotions. I already knew about the mind body connection, but I had not made the connection for my symptoms. I know it’s weird, especially since I’m a yoga teacher – I thought I should’ve known better, but I didn’t and Brenda’s coaching brought clarity to what I was feeling and how to deal with it. She has a gentle but firm approach which I have found helpful as I went through the coaching process.

Anick, Yoga Teacher, Quebec

The Journeys through Pain programme has taught me to think about my thoughts, become aware of what I am thinking and it has also taught me I have control over my thoughts.

I am slowly becoming better at learning to question my thoughts and to be kind and compassionate towards myself. I am so good at beating myself up over situations that are not in my control and this programme has been very beneficial in helping me learn to be more kind and compassionate.

I would definitely recommend Journeys through Pain to others as it has helped me change my perspective on my thoughts and it has taught me what a mind body syndrome is. I’m really starting to get attuned to the mind body connection now and I’ve got you to thank for this. Even though I knew about it, I needed those sessions with you to explain everything and make it clear. There’s a big difference between knowing about something and practicing it.

It’s a wonderful programme and I can see how it can benefit people as it has benefited me a great deal so far!

Jacqui, HR Manager, Canberra

Brenda helped me regain my confidence and gave me the encouragement and tools to move in a positive direction. She helped me through a time of personal crisis – through so much confusion and a feeling of being completely ‘out of control’. She skilfully and empathetically guided me in a direction which has allowed me to truly question (and answer) what I want to achieve in all aspects of my life.

By helping me to reflect on and question my own decision making process, coaching with Brenda helped me to become ‘unstuck’. I have been able to explore options I may never have considered and to move into uncomfortable areas safely. I have walked away from the things that were not working for me towards new, better things.

Brenda has a way of gently lifting up a mirror, showing you what is apparent to others but seldom one’s self, and safely allowing you to explore why you are feeling ‘stuck’. Working with Brenda allowed me to clarify what I want out of my life and prioritise my life desires / requirements.

I loved these things about my coaching with Brenda:

– Her ability to pickup on nuances and drill down
– Her ability to pick up a mirror and show me what I was doing and saying which knew deep down but was not willing to admit
– How she was able to hone in on the problem so quickly – and helped me face things I wasn’t prepared to face
– Her ability to hear what I wasn’t saying out loud – but was meaning or feeling
– Her insight, perceptiveness and intuitiveness

Brenda challenged why I do certain things or behave in certain ways. Now I trust myself and my own instincts and feel confident about who I am and what I have to offer the world.

Fiona, HR Manager, Durban

Brenda manages to get you to see the problem and find the solution with gentle probing and kind suggestions. I believe this enhances the learning experience because if you find the solution yourself, the learning is much deeper than if you are handed the answer on a silver platter. Brenda is very caring yet manages to keep perspective and see all possibilities around an issue. She allows you to rant and rage and then slowly gets you to pick through the ramblings to find the nuggets she cleverly uses to change your perspective and as a result, your life.

Brenda taught me to be introspective, to not be afraid to look inside and how to listen to my inner voice. Brenda helped me to take responsibility for the outcomes in my life.

My reactions have changed and as a result, my results have changed. It occurred to me recently that the burning rage I used to feel inside has gone. Certain situations would trigger it and it would well up and consume me and I’d spit out fire and flame and now, well it is just gone. If I feel a spark starting to build in my chest, I breathe and change perspective. Quite remarkable.

Tanya, IT Consultant, Johannesburg

I would definitely recommend TRE to others, especially to those who are holding onto past trauma or anxiety.

After each of the 3 TRE sessions I had with Brenda, I noticed a subtle shift in my energy which lasted a few days after the session. After my first session, I had the best night’s sleep I have had in years! And after the following two sessions, I definitely felt a sense of balance and calm, physically and emotionally, which lasted for at least 2 days afterwards.

I enjoyed the way you took the time to explain the process and make me feel comfortable and at ease before we started. Having your guidance through each exercise helped me to relax and trust the process.

Kathleen, Yoga Teacher, New Zealand

I would definitely recommend TRE – I did before I had even practiced it, based on the common sense rationale behind it. After my personal experience I surely will be recommending it to others!

You were an excellent coach, aware of each individual, watching them closely and giving immediate assistance to any discomfort, adjusting exercise positions and giving good reminders to breathe! As a result of working with you, I feel more in control, less stressed and healthier. I now consciously breathe better, think myself out of certain mental ‘corners’ and change my attitude if I can’t change the situation.

Dee, Sales Consultant, Auckland

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