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Live beyond anxiety, pain stress and the after effects of trauma


Ready to break free from the grip of stress, anxiety, pain and tension and live the life you really want?
By teaching you simple but powerful mind/body tools, I can help you reconnect with your body, understand the messages your symptoms are trying to give you and help you learn to live without pain or tension. Yes, there really could be a connection between your sore back, tummy problems, aching knee and irrational anger – and it’s probably not what you think. 


For people who want to manage stress, relieve anxiety, reduce pain and release tension.

Journey through trauma tre work with me Brenda Willie Auckland Life Coach New Zealand for chronic pain


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For people who’ve lived with lots of pain for too long and who are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.

Journey through pain work with me Brenda Willie Auckland Life Coach New Zealand for chronic pain


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If you’ve been struggling with pain for a long time, it’s possible you’re feeling defeated by your efforts to get out of pain. You’ve probably tried all sorts of treatments and seen more doctors and other wellness practitioners than you thought was possible in one life time. I understand that starting over with someone new and unknown could feel daunting and overwhelming. I want to reassure you, though, that our work together will only ever go at a pace you’re comfortable with. We’ll take each step as you’re ready and introduce new concepts and practices only when you feel like you can integrate them into your life. One of the things my TRE practice has taught me is that less can indeed be so much more, even when this feels completely counter intuitive in the hard-driving, always-busy, always-on environment in which most of us live. 



I also want you to know that learning to live without pain doesn’t have to be something that takes up a lot of your time. The skills you’ll learn on our journey are simple, powerful and flexible enough to fit into your normal everyday life. Once you’ve mastered a few, you’ll see they’re invaluable – you’ll use them over and over and be able to apply them to all sorts of life situations.

As you start walking down this path, you’ll find that your whole life changes, not just your relationship with pain. It really could turn out to be the best investment of time and energy you make.


I’d love to help you get off the sidelines and back into the centre of your life. 

If you’re ready to dare to dream about what your life could look like without continuous pain, I might just have the journey you’re looking for. Take the first step and schedule a complimentary New Perspectives Discovery Session with me. On this call, I’ll share information with you that will help you start looking at your life with fresh eyes. I’ll introduce you to a couple of ideas that can make a difference in your life straight away and help you see that you no longer have to be hostage to your stress, anxiety and pain.

My reactions have changed and as a result, my results have changed. It occurred to me recently that the burning rage I used to feel inside has gone. Certain situations would trigger it and it would well up and consume me and I’d spit out fire and flame and now, well it is just gone. If I feel a spark starting to build in my chest, I breathe and change perspective. Quite remarkable.

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  • Set up a complimentary, no-obligation Discovery Session with me.
  • At the time of the call, contact me by phone or using Skype, FaceTime or Google Hangouts.
  • On the call, we’ll talk about exactly where you are and decide if we’re a good fit to
    work together further.
  • If it’s all systems go, we’ll talk about the nuts and bolts of which programme fits your needs best and confirm next steps.