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Find peace, create wellbeing and build resilience in a busy, demanding world

2020/2021 dates to be confirmed 

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  • Do you struggle with insomnia, headaches, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, anger, irritability or feeling overwhelmed? 
  • Are you tired of living with aches and pains and missing out on things you used to enjoy doing?
  • Would you like to remember how to relax and feel calmer and more peaceful?
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Founded by Dr David Berceli, TRE (Stress, Tension and Trauma Release Exercises) activates the body's instinctive tremor mechanism in a safe and controlled way. These tremors release the tension that builds up in our bodies because of every day stressors and challenging life events. 


  • improve sleep, energy levels, focus and concentration
  • reduce tension, stress, pain, anxiety and depression
  • recover more easily from injuries
  • build more harmonious relationships and stronger social connections
  • develop greater resilience

Hannah explains how TRE has helped release the tension in her shoulders and relieve her anxiety and depression:

Led by international TRE Certification Trainer Ingrid Regenass, this 3-day experiential workshop is perfect if you want to learn about and practice a technique you can use for your own health, healing and self-care.

It is also the first step in the TRE Global Certification Training Programme (GCTP) for those who want to learn how to use TRE in a therapeutic or healing context to help others release stress, tension and trauma.


"I did my TRE training when I was going through a very challenging time in my life... it was the beginning of a transformational phase for me.

I pursued the training mostly for my own healing and it certainly did deepen my knowledge of TRE and engage me to practice regularly. 

Ingrid facilitated with passion and commitment. She has an extensive knowledge of how the physical and emotional body operate and practices with caution and respect. This woman really has dedicated her life to alleviating suffering and restoring the traumatised. I’m eternally in gratitude to her. 

TRE is beautiful, simple and extremely effective, everyone should have access to it."  

Sandy Burls HR Practitioner  


Experience multiple tremor sessions, explore TRE and deepen your personal process


Learn about Stephen Porges' polyvagal theory and how our brains and bodies react to challenging life events

Brains and bodies

Experience how TRE can help you feel grounded and centred


Understand how the anatomy, physiology and neurology of stress and trauma relates to TRE 


Develop self regulation skills so you can manage your own health and wellbeing  

Teach others

Have a taste of the basic skills of teaching TRE to others

This practical workshop covers the basic theory of TRE and includes several opportunities to practice TRE. It will help you develop the skills you need to manage your own stress better. TRE is effective as a stand-alone practice and also enhances other stress relief practices such as mindfulness, yoga and meditation. 


This 3-day workshop is open to the general public and is ideal for anyone who wants to learn a valuable self-care technique that can be used to manage stress and tension for the rest of their lives. TRE promotes inner peace and wellbeing and helps to increase resilience to life's inevitable challenging events. 

TRE can also be used by professionals whose work supports those affected by stress, tension, anxiety and trauma and who want to add a body-based, self-empowering techinque to their existing services. 

This includes therapists, counsellors, social workers, occupational therapists, osteopaths, physiotherapists, doctors, chiropractors, cranio-sacral therapists, bodyworkers, coaches, parents, teachers, fitness instructors and others in alternative health fields. 

Those who wish to teach TRE to others or use it as a therapeutic technique will need to certify as TRE Providers. This requires completion of the full TRE Global Certification Training Programme (GCTP).

Certification in the GCTP requires participation in a second 3-day workshop and a comprehensive supervision programme. The process usually takes around 12 months depending on each participant's personal progress. Full programme details are available on request. 

PLEASE NOTE: Attending the 3-day Exploring TRE workshop does not equip you with the skills and competencies required or qualify you to teach TRE to others. 

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TRE Group
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"I love how after a session I feel renewed energised and grounded."

TRE on floor


Ingrid Regenass

Ingrid Regenass INTEGRAL HEALTH +27 82 925 0076 admin@integralhealth.co.za www.integralhealth.co.za 

Ingrid Regenass is a global TRE Certification Trainer and mindfulness-based Integral Health practitioner in Cape Town, South Africa. She is a Registered Nurse with additional qualifications in Fitness Training, Life Coaching, Counselling, Clinical Nutrition and Mindfulness-Based Interventions.

Ingrid has over 30 years of experience in the field of health promotion and wellness and a wealth of knowledge about delivering TRE in a range of settings. She works with TRE clients and providers all over the world. 

This is the only time Ingrid is planning to facilitate this workshop in New Zealand this year, so make sure you take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn from her. 

Integral Health
Brenda Wille

Brenda Wille BLUE CHAIR WISDOM +64 21 213 7377 brenda@bluechairwisdom.com www.bluechairwisdom.com 

Brenda Wille is a certified TRE Provider, and Martha Beck-certified Life Coach in Auckland, New Zealand. 

Brenda has completed several Acceptance and Commitment Therapy trainings and uses the ACT framework extensively in her coaching practice. She has volunteered for Victim Support and received specialist training to support victims of homicide, suicide, family and sexual violence.

Brenda previously spent 20 years helping businesses build brands and grow teams. 

Blue Chair Wisdom


"As a counsellor I often work with loss and grief, and I could sense that in many of the clients the trauma and experience of loss sits in the body - and just talking does not give access to that deep-rooted experience of loss. 

I heard of TRE and after an open class with Ingrid, I was so fascinated by the process, that I signed up for the training. And looking back, maybe co-incidentially, but maybe because of what TRE does, a lot of life-transformative processes happened to me during my training.  

As a teacher, Ingrid created a safe and welcoming space for all of us. She inspires students, motivates them - and most importantly, can listen to and laugh with students as a fellow human being.  

Any student will be lucky to have Ingrid as a teacher!”  

Hanneke Lubbe Registered Counsellor (specialising in Grief and Loss)  


Early Bird Booking dates will be confirmed once the 2020/2021 dates are confirmed. Sign up with a friend or colleague and save a further $50.  

If you've already done TRE training and want to refresh your skills and deepen your learning, please see the FAQs below for information about reattending the 3-day workshop.


- Booking date to be confirmed

EARLY BIRD $799 - $100 non-refundable deposit paid on booking - Booking date to be confirmed  

STANDARD $899 - $250 non-refundable deposit paid on booking - Booking date to be confirmed  

BRING A BUDDY (for bookings for 2 or more)

- Booking date to be confirmed

- $100 non-refundable deposit paid on booking
- Booking date to be confirmed 

STANDARD $849 - $250 non-refundable deposit paid upon booking - Booking date to be confirmed 


"If you are still considering doing the TRE training, don’t consider it, do it! It will truly be one of the most valuable gifts you will give yourself. 

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that TRE and in particular the provider training, was life saving for me. And I couldn’t have asked for a more knowledgeable, caring and supportive trainer than Ingrid. 

I had done TRE for an extended length of time before doing the training and the benefits were immense. But doing TRE as a client only is one-dimensional. It’s a bit like having a paint-by-numbers portrait. You can see all the elements of the scene but it lacks colour, depth, contrast, texture and light. Having done the training allowed me to colour in the portrait and make it a work of art and bring it to life. 

Ingrid was the perfect mentor to help me do this. I have since successfully used the training and applied it in a myriad of different contexts from school students to professional sportsmen and women, private clients and I still regularly use it myself. 

The old adage of 'you stop teaching when you stop learning' is certainly true for TRE and the people’s lives you will change through it. The more you know, the more people you can support and the more your life will change as well, for the better. "  

Warwick Wade Business Owner (former teacher)  


I was introduced to TRE some years ago after having had experienced personal chronic anxiety and trauma. I was so impressed with the benefits of the technique, that I decided I wanted to share it with others. 

I joined the TRE training programme at Integral Health, studying under Ingrid Regenass. I was a little apprehensive at first as I felt quite vulnerable in a group setting. However, Ingrid conducted the sessions in such a way that I felt held and safe at all times. The extent to which Ingrid shared insight, experience and learning material was extremely professional and thorough. 

I left the course feeling confident and supported for my own practice. I would highly recommend this training.”  

Robyn Whale Pilates Instructor & Artist  


We'll ask you to complete an application form to tell us a bit about you, your objectives and circumstances.

We'll set up an online interview so you can meet Ingrid and confirm the workshop is a good fit for you. 

We'll confirm the payment details and ask you to make payment for your workshop place.

We'll send you full joining instructions and look forward to sharing TRE with you.

"TRE helped me feel more positive within myself, more in control and generally less stressed."

TRE Wall Sit


Who do I contact if I have questions?

Please contact Brenda Wille on +64212137377 or brenda@bluechairwisdom.com or Ingrid Regenass on admin@integralhealth.co.za or +27829250076.

What times will the training run?

Training will run from 9:00am - 5:30pm on all days.

What will I need to bring?

We recommend all participants bring a yoga mat or something to lie on, blanket to cover yourself with, pillow and whatever else you like to have with you when you do relaxation sessions. Mats, blankets and pillows may be available at the venue if you don't have your own. 

Will I be able to connect with other people enrolled on the course?

Yes. We'll create a private Facebook group for all participants. This will be an easy way for you to make transport and accommodation arrangements as needed. 

What if I've already done some TRE Training? Is is still worth attending?

Absolutely! As TRE Providers, we’re all strongly encouraged to keep refreshing and updating our skills and knowledge and this is a great opportunity to do so at a reduced rate, in New Zealand, which hasn’t been an option for some time.

The GCTP (Global Certification Training Programme) has been extensively updated in the last 3 years and there is lots of new and exciting material in the training. We're delighted to offer you a reattendance discount of 50% if you:

  • Are a TRE Certified Provider
  • Have attended Module 1 or Module 2 of the new GCTP in the last 3 years and haven't yet completed all the supervision requirements
  • Are a TRE Level 1 Practitioner certified to teach individuals only (prior to the GCTP) and are interested in upgrading your certification to the GCTP
  • Attended Level 1 or 2 of the old training, haven't yet completed all the supervision requirements and are commited to completing the certification under the GCTP

Reattendance rates and booking deadlines will be confirmed once the event dates are in place:

Please contact Brenda on +64212137377 or brenda@bluechairwisdom.com for details as terms and conditions do apply. 

What is the GCTP?

The TRE Global Certification Training Programme is for those who want to certify as TRE Providers so they can teach TRE to others or use TRE in the work they already do to support others. More information is available - please sign up for details

Where will the training be held?

The training venue will be confirmed once the event dates are in place.