If you’ve experienced the magic of TRE (Stress, Tension and Trauma Release Exercises) but don’t feel like you’ve fully embraced the power of this simple but effective practice yet OR you’re ready to deepen your TRE practice, join me for a TRE Refresher Group.

These groups are specifically for people who've learned the basics of TRE, who want to get (back!) into the habit of regular shaking and who would love the support and community of a group experience.

A regular TRE practice can leave you feeling more energised, more in control, less stressed, mentally stronger, able to cope better under pressure and more patient with your children, your family and at work. 

TRE is a simple but powerful self-care practice you can use anywhere, any time you notice your stress and anxiety levels starting to rise. 

Shake Off Your Stress and Tension: Join a TRE Refresher Group!

Prior experience of TRE is essential before attending a TRE Refresher Group. In some cases, private sessions may be advised before joining a group TRE experience. I offer a free Discovery Call to help decide what the appropriate class type is for you.  

TRE Refresher Groups cost $35 and last for 90 minutes. They can be bought individually, although I offer a concession card for $157.50 (10% discount) if you buy 5 classes at a time. Groups are scheduled on the following dates in my studio at 127 Taylor Road, Waimauku, Auckland:

  • Sunday 15 September @ 11am
  • Friday 27 September @ 10am
  • Thursdy 3 October @ 6pm
  • Tuesday 8 October @ 6pm
  • Saturday 9 November @10am
  • Tuesday 19 November @ 6pm
  • Friday 29 November @ 10am
  • Saturday 7 December @ 10am
  • Tuesday 10 December @ 6pm

If you'd prefer to set up a regular TRE Refresher Group in your own venue or with your own friends, family or colleagues, please contact me - I'd be happy to talk logistics!

TRE can help you to:

  • Release deep muscle tension
  • Improve sleep, energy levels, focus and concentration 
  • Reduce stress, pain, anxiety, depression, stress and tension
  • Manage the challenges of everyday living more easily 
  • Build your resilience
  • Build more harmonious relationships and stronger social connections
  • Recover more easily from injuries
  • Calm your nervous system

What Others Say About TRE:

"I love how after a session I feel renewed energised and grounded."

"I would definitely recommend TRE to others, especially those holding onto past trauma or anxiety."

"TRE helped me feel more positive within myself, more in control and generally less stressed."

TRE is a safe, natural way for people with busy lives to release tension, relax more and improve health and wellbeing. 

Group Facilitator

Brenda Wille

BRENDA WILLE Blue Chair Wisdom +64 21 213 7377

Blue Chair Wisdom

Brenda Wille is a certified TRE Provider, TRE Mentor Trainee and Martha Beck-certified Life Coach in Auckland, New Zealand.  

Brenda has completed several Acceptance and Commitment Therapy trainings and uses the ACT framework extensively in her coaching practice. 

Brenda has volunteered for Victim Support and received specialist training to support those affected by homicide and suicide, family and sexual violence.

Brenda previously spent 20 years helping businesses build brands and grow teams.  

Ready to treat yourself to some valuable self-care?


More About TRE:

"I thoroughly enjoyed the TRE sessions and feel like I can now incorporate them into my week. I’m definitely feeling positive change."

"TRE was wonderful for me. I don't remember the last time I felt so amazing."

"TRE was a new experience that I find will be very valuable to me. ​It o​pened up a new mindset and ​I’m ​excited to do it at home in my own time."

Looking for answers?

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Please contact Brenda Wille on or +64 21 213 7377

Where are the TRE Refresher Groups held?

127 Taylor Road, Waimauku, Auckland. Private Refresher Groups can be arranged at dates and times to suit your group.  

When are the TRE Refresher Groups?

Thursday 5 September @ 6pm Saturday 14 September @ 10am Friday 27 September @ 10am Tuesday 3 October @ 6pm Saturday 9 November @ 10am Tuesday 19 November @ 6pm Friday 29 November @ 10am Saturday 7 December @ 10am Tuesday 10 December @ 6pm

Is there parking on site?

Yes. Please drive through the gates and park on the drive. Directions will be sent with your booking confirmation.

What should I bring to a Refresher Group?

I have mats, blankets and pillows in the studio but you're welcome to bring your own if you prefer.

What should I wear?

Please wear loose, comfortable clothes you can easily move in.  

Can I bring my children?

Participants in Refresher Goups generally need to be over 16. If you are interested in exploring TRE with younger children, please fill in your details on this form and I will contact you to discuss the details.