About Brenda, coaching, TRE and living with intention, vitality and passion


This is the part where I share some stuff about me so you can decide if I’m the right kind of coach for you. I hope there’s something in my stories that will inspire you to make contact because I’d really like to help you figure out how you can reduce the hold your stress, anxiety, pain and tension have on you.

About coaching Brenda Willie Auckland coach New Zealand chronic pain TRE treament


In About Coaching, I describe some of the lessons I’ve learned from being coached and learning to coach so that you can build a picture of how coaching may help you.

Learn TRE and shake off your anxiety, pain, stress and trauma


In About TRE, I explain what TRE (Tension and Trauma Release Exercises) is, how it works and how it can help those who struggle with stress, anxiety, pain and tension.

About my journey brenda willie life coach auckland


About my Journey tells the story of how I came to be a life coach helping people learn to live beyond stress, anxiety, pain and tension and why it’s so important to me.

About me Brenda Willie Blue Chair Wisdom coach TRE and chronic pain Auckland New Zealand


About Me gives you a behind-the-scenes view of some of the things that are important to me, that make my world work and my soul sing.

About The Blue Chair Auckland chronic pain treatment and TRE with Blue Chair Wisdom


About The Blue Chair is the story behind the blue chair, how it came into my life and how our relationship has sparked much magic for me.

About my Furry Children Brenda Willie Auckland Coach New Zealand treatment for Chronic Pain and TRE Blue Chair Wisdom


My story wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t introduce you to some very significant players in my life. You can read all about these delightful characters in About My Furry Children.

These are the things I loved about my coaching with Brenda:

– Her ability to pickup on nuances and drill down
– Her ability to pick up a mirror and show me what I was doing and saying – which I knew deep down but was not willing to admit
– How she was able to hone in on the problem so quickly – and helped me face things I wasn’t prepared to face
– Her ability to hear what I wasn’t saying out loud – but was meaning or feeling
– Her insight, perceptiveness and intuitiveness

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