Create, Connect, Have Fun, Release Stress with your T(w)een



Sunday 26 May 2019 10am - 4:30pm

Kahikatea Room, Kawai Purapura 14 Mills Lane, Albany, Auckland 

Does it feel like you and your t(w)een live in a war zone where there's never a ceasefire let alone a peace settlement?  

Are you tired of fighting about device time, clothes on the floor, helping with chores, putting the dishes away and walking the dog they PINKY-PROMISED they would take care of 100% of the time?!

If you and your t(w)een are struggling to live harmoniously together, this 1-day workshop might be just what you both need to surrender your weapons and create a demilitarised zone!

Join us for a day of Creative Self-Care and Stress Release for you and your t(w)een!

Sunday 26 May 2019 10:00am - 04:30pm 

Kahikatea Room, Kawai Purapura 14 Mills Road, Albany, Auckland 

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There's no doubt life can be demanding - for you AND your t(w)een. You're both navigating all sorts of tough stuff, and sometimes it can feel like the challenges just keep coming a like a runaway truck down Baldwin Street.

During this fun and interactive workshop, we'll help you understand how stress is showing up in your lives and why it’s important you get a handle on this sooner rather than later. Stress can be a tricky beast, but once you know what you're actually dealing with, it'll be much easier to develop a sensible plan and find the right tools so you can live like Switzerland! 

We'll use a variety of art, visualisation, imagery and movement practices to help you explore, learn, connect and release some of that stress that's been dogging your relationship.

At the end of the day:  

  • You’ll have a much better handle on how stress is getting in your way, how you can kick it to the kerb and how you can incorporate creative, effective stress busting tools into your everyday life
  • You'll learn constructive new habits that serve you both well (not to mention bringing peace and happiness to the rest of your household!
  • You'll strengthen your bond so if and when those stormy seas do hit in future, you'll have some extra tools to keep you from going under 
  • You'll have new ideas about how you can use simple practices to live calmer, more peaceful lives. 

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Create, Connect, Have Fun, Release Stress

This workshop is for you and your t(w)een if:

  • You know it's there somewhere, but honestly, there are days when neither of you feels the love
  • It doesn't take much to trigger one or both of you into behaviour you regret later
  • You think the dynamics of a group will make it easier for both of you to find the good in each other

During the workshop you will:

  • Explore a range of creative tools and processes that will enhance mindful creativity and help you find new ways to interact positively with each other
  • Try TRE (Tension Release Exercises) and experience how this simple but effective shaking practice can help you feel calm, grounded, relaxed and more connected to yourself and others
Create, Connect, Have Fun, Release Stress
Create, Connect, Have Fun, Release Stress

About the workshop:

  • Practical, experiential and fun, this will be a day to explore, learn and laugh together
  • You'll get to practice simple, effective stress busting tools that you can incorporate into your everyday lives 

Intrigued about using creativity to combat stress?  

Arts therapy can help people to live life more happily, positively and creatively.

"Expressing myself creatively is helping me to understand how my negative outlook has affected my life. Art therapy is helping me to change this and to focus on postive ways to live my life happily and creatively."

"I love using the art materials to express feelings and emotions. I am learning how to care for myself through this process."

Art Supplies

Curious about how TRE helps with stress?

TRE is a simple but powerful self-care practice you can use anywhere, any time you notice your stress levels starting to rise.  

Create, Connect, Have Fun, Release Stress

"TRE helped me feel more positive within myself, more in control and generally less stressed."

"After each of the 3 TRE sessions I had with Brenda, I noticed a subtle shift in my energy which lasted a few days after the session. After my first session, I had the best night’s sleep I have had in years! And after the following two sessions, I definitely felt a sense of balance and calm, physically and emotionally, which lasted for at least 2 days afterwards."


Workshop Facilitators

Brenda Wille

BRENDA WILLE Blue Chair Wisdom +64 21 213 7377

Blue Chair Wisdom
Elaine Venter

ELAINE VENTER Creative Connection Arts Therapy +64 27 441 6198

Creative Connections

Brenda Wille is a certified TRE Provider, TRE Mentor Trainee and Martha Beck-certified Life Coach in Auckland, New Zealand. She has completed several Acceptance and Commitment Therapy trainings and uses the ACT framework extensively in her coaching practice. 

Brenda volunteers for Victim Support and has received specialist training to support those affected by homicide and suicide, family and sexual violence. 

Brenda previously spent 20 years helping businesses build brands and grow teams.  

Elaine Venter is an experienced, qualified and registered arts therapist who works with adults, and children. 

She also facilitates arts therapy groups aimed at recovery, rehabilitation and well being.  

Elaine works within a person-centred, solution focused, strengths based framework. She focuses on assisting clients to express feelings that are difficult to verbalise, work through problems, recover from trauma, change self destructive behaviour, and to find direction, resolution and healing. 

Ready to get creative and shake off your stress?

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Please contact Brenda if you'd like to bring more than one person with you. Special rates apply for multiple family members and friends attending together.

Looking for answers?

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Please contact Brenda Wille on or +64 21 213 7377

Where are this workshop being held?

Kahikatea Room, Kawai Purapura, 14 Mills Lane, Albany, Auckland.

When is the workshop?

Sunday 26 May 2019 from 10am to 4:30pm. 

Is there parking on site?

Plenty of free parking is available in Hooten Researve at the entrance to Kawai Purapura. Please do not drive up into the grounds. Please let me know if you need special parking arrangements to be made.

What should I bring to the workshop?

Please bring water to drink and your lunch. There is also a cafe on site at the venue if you'd prefer to buy something healthy and nutritious. 

We recommend all participants bring a yoga mat or something to lie on, blanket to cover yourself with, pillow and whatever else you like to have with you when you do relaxation sessions. Mats, blankets and pillows are available at the venue if you don't have your own.

All creative materials will be provided.  

What should I wear?

Please wear loose, comfortable clothes you can easily move in.  

Can I bring my child?

Absolutely! We've designed the workshop to be suitable for mums and t(w)eens to do together. Participants in this workshop need to be at least 12.

Do I HAVE to bring a t(w)een or a buddy to the workshop?

Absolutely not! Although we know some people like to do things with people they know, we also know others prefer to wing it alone. In fact, this could be a great escape so if you're looking for time away from the madding crowd, please feel free to come alone. You'll be in good company!

I've got a group of friends I'd love to do this with. Will you run a private session for us?

Sure thing! We love to custom design experiences for private groups. Drop Brenda a line at and we'll hatch a plan that's right for your circumstances. 

Join us to create, learn and laugh together!